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The Oxford Murders shoot

I can't promise to tell you about my experience as a extra in any coherent fashion, so I'll post what few photos I have and tell you about them. The internal pics are pretty bad, because the light was too dim and the distances too far for my camera. Still, everyone needs a coffee break.



Baldie guy is the second most important director to Alex, so he could be the 2nd unit director, or the First Assistant Director. His name could be Barry, but he's definitely Scottish. Most of the crew are Spanish, and it looks like they have worked with Alex a lot. This guy speaks a little Spanish, and he dealt with Elijah quite a bit. He also directed us in a scene with John this afternoon, which I'll post about sometime.

This is Elijah having a fag break, with all the crew and 50 random extras milling around. No-one is bothering him, because his attention is entirely on his discussion with Barry. That's one of the ways Elijah stops people bothering him at the wrong time - focusing on the person he's talking to. He's wearing a hoodie in lavender grey, a colour popular in the early 90's. The leather jacket is battered vintage, and the length suits him. But OMG the shoes! Brown shoes were in then but were they ever right? Elijah has quite big feet for his height, and these make them look even bigger. He can run well in them though! That's another of his crowd-avoidance strategies - taking off at a run gets him past people before they notice he's even moving.

Elijah is wearing a radio mic, but you wont see the wires. When he came on set this morning (with a cheery 'Morning!' to the extras) the soundman wired him up. One of the wires goes down his leg, inside the jeans. The jeans are pretty snug, and getting the wire down involved a lot of wriggling. Then a tubular bandage goes over the calf (under the jeans)to hold the wire in place. I assume that bit is the aerial, and the battery pack is on his waistband.

In between takes today, Elijah was working on a puzzle book. He would stand in character to make his speech (note perfect and as if new every time) then sit and come back to himself again in a few moments, and return to his puzzle. No wonder Alex called him his 'marble column' - perfect and totally reliable.

ETA: If you take this photo, either keep it for your own personal delectation, or credit me if re-posted.
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